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Tumour Therapy: Better Off Not Labelling Off-Label

Treatments using off-label medications are controversial – in tumour medicine as well. A new study aims to prove that when it comes to medication it makes sense to pay less attention to tumour type but more to the metabolism of malignant cells.

Even more in America than in Europe one particular short presentation at the annual conference of the American Oncologists (ASCO) raised a lot of hype. In particular, American media reported the preliminary findings of a study that dealt with nothing other than the use of drugs outside the boundaries of their actual indication, as “off-label use”. Many saw in this report the first departure from the principle of treating a tumour according to its origin, but rather its histology. Are these preliminary findings of the so-called My Pathway study a sign of future predominance of molecular biology over previous established guidelines and restrictions relating to approval?

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