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European Industrial Pharmacy - Issue March 2016

The March 2016 issue of european Industrial Pharmacy, the journal of EIPG, has been published, and is now available online:

The EU-FMD clock is ticking! This article examines key requirements of the “Safety Features” Delegated Regulation and discusses the implications for pharma manufacturers and other participants in the European pharma supply chain.

New perspectives for gene detection The “ClickGene“ European Network (Horizon 2020) is committed to educating next generation researchers in the assessment of new pathways for personalised medicine and innovative diagnostic applications.

Immuno-oncology: the new weapons fighting cancer Recent immuno-oncology developments in PD-1/PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitors, CAR-T therapies and cancer vaccines mean we appear to be on the verge of a treatment paradigm shift in medical history.

Transforming Big Pharma fortunes by replacing patents with patients As Big Pharma is pummelled for staggeringly high drug prices and poor R&D productivity, this article digs deep to unearth the underlying cause of the issues—the crack of the patent gun. It then proposes radically new ideas to transform this industry in crisis.

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